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Tollet Joailliers since 1902 offers you its expertise in watchmaking and jewellery


For more than 110 years, we have nurtured a long tradition of dedication to quality, beauty and new design. A century of history entitles us to turn back the clock, to recall a pioneer of watchmaking in Belgium: Jules Tollet. This founder of the firm in 1902 had a passion for innovation. He made his own watches and, for many years, supplied the Belgian Railways with ‘Roscoff’ timepieces, still very sought-after by collectors today. He was our grandfather. Our role model. To each generation, he has handed down the ‘Tollet Joailliers’ spirit: daring, drive, a strong sense of service and the welcome and trustworthiness of a family firm. And, of course, a love of beautiful watches! Time belongs to everyone: and so, the six Tollet Jewellers shops, situated in Brussels and Waterloo, offer every facet of today’s watchmaking. Mechanical or otherwise, ‘complicated’ or simple, sporty or classic, everyday or something else, entrusted to us by the most prestigious Swiss makers. Our cosy and contemporary shops share the same qualities: the ready smile and willing ear of an enthusiastic and extremely professional team, the technical assistance of a watchmaker who is always there and the dependability of an after-sales service managed by a genuine master watchmaker.


Being a jeweller means making life more beautiful with gold, diamonds, precious stones and, above all, emotion! It’s our profession, our daily challenge and our heritage since 1902. That’s why the jewellery workshop remains the beating heart of our shops. A piece of jewellery to design or remodel? 1001 desires for unique creations? Anything’s possible. Making, engraving and setting have always been our passion. This family expertise, revitalised from generation to generation, enables us, as true specialists, to advise on diamond rings and solitaires. For us, being a jeweller also means choosing the most beautiful coloured stones from Asia... and finding new designers in Italy whose jewellery pieces are years ahead. ‘Gioielli’ of Florence, leading Parisian jewellers on Place Vendôme or fashion jewellery: our philosophy is to select from them pieces that are easy to wear, for many years and with elegance. Today, priority is given to jewellery pieces with a modern feel that shines untarnished by the passing years and fashions. We dedicate our six shops in Brussels and Waterloo to them. Six settings, cosy and calm, run by enthusiastic and extremely competent teams who are always ready to listen. Their welcome and smiles are always bright and genuine. Just like the diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds... We hope you enjoy your visit: take your time; we give you ours without watching the clock! The Tollet Family

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